July Community Newsletter

The July community newsletter is now available! Please click here for the latest community-related updates.

Annual Community Garage Sale

The Annual Community Garage Sale will be held on Saturday, June 24th from 7 am - 1 pm. Time to clean out those garages, closets and play rooms and turn those items that you no longer use into some cash! An ad has been placed in the Chino Champion that will run this Saturday, June 17th as well as the day of the garage sale. The gates will remain open during the time of the garage sale. Good luck to everyone!

Community Wide Mailbox Replacement

Please be advised that all of the mailboxes in the community will be replaced starting Monday, March 20th. Hillcrest Construction has been hired by the Association and they anticipate the work taking approximately three (3) weeks to complete.

If you have any questions, please contact Management at (949) 430-5839.

Parking Concerns at Mindenvale Entrance

Please see below for a notice regarding the parking concerns at the Mindenvale Entrance next to Wickman Elementary School.

... This email is in response to the parking issue that is taking place in front of the Los Serranos Ranch Community gated entrance.

First, I want you to know that I did not know about this particular concern, however, I am aware that there are parking concerns on Soquel Canyon Dr. in general. Our students’ safety is paramount, which is why I am directing traffic on a daily basis in front of the school. We also have traffic and parking issues in front of the school that continue to take place, so I am aware of the frustration that comes with the traffic.

I have communicated to our parents, regarding the importance of following all parking and traffic laws for the safety of our students, through various print and phone messages. We have also contacted the Sheriff’s office to report parking and safety concerns in several areas.

I will continue to communicate the parking concerns throughout the year. Even with the communication, we are still seeing that some people are not following the laws. Thank you for bringing this to my attention, so I can specifically note the area in my next communication. Please let me know if you have any other questions or ideas.

Thank you,

Tom Rummell
Principal, Wickman Elementary School
(909) 393-3774 Ext. 6800

Gate Code Change effective September 1st

Please click here to view this post details. Please be advises that a login is required to view this post.

Snake Warning

Please be cautious as we have received reports of snakes in the community. Please see the flyer below for more information with helpful tips on what to do when you encounter a snake.

Snake Flyer

New Adopted Delinquency Resolution

Please see the links below for the newly adopted Delinquency Resolution for your community.

Attention Los Serranos Residents

Attn: Los Serranos Ranch Residents,

There have been reports of vehicle break-ins. Please ensure you vehicle is locked and do not leave any valuables visible to discourage unwanted activity.

Patrol One's Safelisting by Address Program

Your Board of Directors has carefully reviewed your community's needs with regard to parking rules, always with an eye to fair and even-handed enforcement and yielding a pleasant environment in which to live and entertain guests. Please click here for more information.

Patrol One Parking Permits

The Parking Rules for Los Serranos Ranch Association require that residents who want to park their vehicles outside the garage and driveway display a parking permit. Failure to properly display the new RED Patrol One permit (decal) or a safelist confirmation number on any vehicle, beginning March 1st 2013, will result in removal of the vehicle from the community at the vehicle owner's expense. The replacement decals will be Patrol One RED permits, and are intended to replace the existing white decals. For more information on how to obtain the new red decal, please click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Serina Washington at (951) 491-6863 or by email at swashington@keystonepacific.com.

Parking Your Vehicles

Parents, please refrain from parking your vehicles in this manner, while waiting for your children to get out of school or just simply dropping off your children to school. This is not only prohibited, but presents huge safety concerns.

Thank you for your cooperation.

If you have any questions, please contact Serina Washington at (951) 491-6863 or by email at swashington@keystonepacific.com.

Protect Your Home During Fire Season

Please click here for an article on how to protect your home during fire season. If you have any questions, please contact Serina Washington at (951) 491-6863 or by email at swashington@keystonepacific.com.

Vandalism/Suspicious Activity

Please keep a watchful eye out for any suspicious activity and contact the Police immediately!

If you have any questions, please contact Serina Washington at (951) 491-6863 or by email at swashington@keystonepacific.com.

The KPPM Connection

The KPPM Connection is an online tool that offers enhanced homeowner services. Using the portal, you can:

  • Make Online Payments
  • View Current and Previous Statements and Billing Inserts
  • Print Account History Reports
  • View and Update Enhanced Email Notification Features

Please click here to visit The KPPM Connection! Please log in using your account online email address and password. If you have not registered, please have your billing statement available to enter in the required information. If you need assistance, please contact Customer Care at (949) 833-2600 or customercare@keystonepacific.com.

For added convenience, we also offer an ACH program in which your monthly assessment payments are automatically deducted from your checking or savings account. You will no longer have to remember when to pay your payment, write a check, or pay for any more postage! To sign up, please click here to download the ACH form.

Community Website Login Instructions

Several areas of this community website have been secured and will require you to log in to view the secured pages. Please log in using your account online email address and password. If you have not registered to use our account online services, please register here first.

If you're having trouble remembering your password, please click here to retrieve your password via email.

If you're having trouble logging in, please contact Customer Care by phone at (949) 833-2600 or by email at customercare@keystonepacific.com.